The Beginning

Thanks for visiting. Did you know that this website has actually been around since 2001? Yup – it started out as (an alias of this site currently). It originally had a pretty stout guestbook – with many many entries – and then it got hacked. It also was a passion of mine (Leroy) to keep it updated with pictures. In 2002 I put a B2 blog on the site and kept it updated with all kinds of minutia from my life.

Sometime around 2004 (after Jessica and I met) – the site got hacked again and I upgraded to WordPress. And actually, I left the site as a WordPress 2.0 website for a number of years while they developed the easy upgrade process that exists now.


In 2005, when we (Jessica and Leroy) got engaged, it only made sense to disburse information about it over the web. So turned into For 3 years the site was updated with information about the wedding, pictures from a trip to Hawaii and other stuff we found ourselves doing while we lived in FL.


Then, in 2007, when we became pregnant with EK, the site needed to evolve again. This evolution brought us to the current incarnation – This is because our family has been blessed with several new Leeses. The latest being our son, Paxton.

Going Forward

Since the website has been an interesting part of our family over the last 10 years now – we’ll probably keep it up and running. Although it is probably worth mentioning that we keep our facebook pages up to date with pictures better than we keep the website up to date. That may change, as we ebb and flow between the different personal photo sites and figure out what works for us. But we’ll update things here as we go that direction.

Thanks again for coming by the site – take care.


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