School – For Realsies?

On Tue, Jun 7 2011, in Emma Kate, Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Can’t believe my daughter is going to school today. Its just a “Mother’s Day Out” kind of thing and its just a summer program. But wow. My little girl is going to be three soon. Time is rolling on by. I wonder what the next “shocking” milestone will be for our family. Hmmm.

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First Days

On Mon, Jan 22 2007, in Jessica, by Jessica

I have started my internship at St. James School in Montgomery and will be here (I think) until May 3rd. I have to teach for 20 full days, 10 of which are consecutive. I thought I’d take my time and put those toward the end, however, my cooperating teacher has the flu and is home sick, so I have been asked to run rehearsals for 4 choirs in addition to other music classes. I am kind of excited to be thrown in this way, because I don’t have to worry about messing up in front of an expert. Today’s high school rehearsal went suprisingly well seeing as how I knew about 5 minutes before class that I would be teaching it. I am looking forward to learning more, but am nervous about completing all the required red tape in order to graduate and obtain my teaching certificate. As I side note: I have never seen a group of people more obsessed with Starbucks than this school. The teachers, the students, the parents…wow. My teacher must drink 4 cups a day! (Thankfully, I am not drinking coffee right now to help with my Acid Reflux. Otherwise, I would go broke !)

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