Where in the world is Leroy?

On Thu, Oct 25 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese


Carmen Sandiego

We are here. I am REALLY engaged with my work at work. So having a lot of fun there – feel like my talents are being appreciated and utilized so that is always rewarding.

As far as my own stuff – our videos over at Leese Racing have been getting a lot of hits (this is the big one and the newest ones are here and here) I’m enjoying that process as it represents a creative outlet AND technical. And it helps me justify time spent in the garage 😉

Also having alot of fun with our websites. Moving forward with some new strategies based on creating missions statements and finding intention in our work. All those things you see hanging on the walls of the halls of corporate offices are things that I used to make fun of – but now, I “GET IT”. I have been reading Three Feet From Gold which has been illuminating. Great motivational book and has really encouraged me to utilize my gifts, talents and resources to make our bigger dreams come alive.

As I layed in bed last night, unable to sleep until almost 3AM – I started asking myself (and answering) this question, “How bad do you want it?”

I am going to “up the ante” on our offerings by raising the bar for usability and service by making our products the best they can be. Hold on!

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) HD

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Interesting People

On Mon, May 21 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Saw some interesting interviews lately and was really impressed with the people.

  1. Robin Meade – Impressed with her because she talked about overcoming some personal struggle, was honest about the things that got her into her area of specialty which she is clearly very good at. Also think it is funny that her mother was encouraging her to reel-in her hopes and dreams. So many of us do this – it is an act of trying to protect our children from a broken heart. But it doesn’t make sense because people learn even more from failure and if we want our children to succeed we have to let them fail. Her father was a preacher.
  2. Larry the Cable Guy – Actual name is Daniel Whitney. Saw an interview here. Love how candid he was in that interview. He is so appreciative of the success he has claimed and I love how real he is. Also talks about people in his life who mean well, but seem to lack the ability to show it. Just really fascinating. His father was ALSO a preacher.
  3. Carson Daly – A motivated interesting individual. Never felt the “call” to pastoral work but definitely has a strong sense of appreciation and gratitude toward the blessings in his life and all the good surrounding his career and family. Really interesting guy and has a lot of “goodness” to share – wish more people knew about how inspiring he is.
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Rabbi Daniel Lapin – Success You Can Smell

On Wed, Mar 14 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Rabbi Daniel Lapin – Success You Can Smell.

Really enjoyed this one. Sort of confirms our instinct to engage the kids in the work of the family. Often we are in such a rush that we want to do it ourselves in the name of getting done soon, but there are other moments where it is profitable in an intrinsic sense, to take more time and get the kiddos to learn discipline, about helping and even some self confidence and self reliance. They end up being accountable to help keep things clean too. Awesome.

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What does it all mean?

On Thu, Jan 26 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

A little verbal processing here.

Lately I have been really into survival techniques. Things like fire starting, cleaning hunted animals and stuff like that. I have also been really digging deeply into the skills that I have worked over the course of a career in IT to hone – to better understand not only management strategies but to get a better feel for the engineering processes that surround successful development and deployment of software. I know, I know – yawn. But this stuff is my job and I am really uncomfortable “settling” with failing projects. I want to succeed and I’m the kind of guy that will push the buttons that need pushed in order to steer the inertia of a project into the realm of success.

The main emphasis of what I am discovering brings all the process and layers of complexity of software boiling down to one point, and I’d quote from Peopleware but their copyright forbids it so I’ll summarize: Success of a project stems from good communication by all participants, and the failures are rooted in poor communication.

Good communication, eh? That’s it?

I think you’ll find there is alot of evidence of that in life. I certainly believe it after reading How to Win Friends and Influence People.

So while I used to believe that having good communication skills was just a commodity – I am beginning to realize and understand that it is A SURVIVAL SKILL. In a world of shrinking 401Ks, receding economies, imploding real estate markets and general instability – you need as many things going for you as possible. It is worth it to study up on effective communication.

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Love and Respect

On Thu, Dec 22 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Really insightful book. Glad I was introduced to it. I think Jessica and I do pretty well in the communication department. This book will make it even better.

There is alot of power tied to the understanding that wives are told to “respect” their husbands and husbands are told to “love” their wives. Why? Because those are what the other needs. It is scriptural and POWERFUL insight.

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On Mon, Dec 19 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Really enjoyed this today:


6 Good rules. Love the ‘work like hell’ one. Seems to overcome a lot things – work. Out of money? Work. Not getting anywhere in your career? Work. Your paycheck will become effective when you do.

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On Sun, Dec 4 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I spent about 3 years getting out of debt. During that time I listened to podcasts by Dave Ramsey on a regular basis in order to help keep me motivated. It worked. He provides many little nuggets of insight and self improvement that extend far beyond how to manage your money. How to hire motivated people. How to market your business. How to keep your marriage together. How to raise your children. It seems money touches on all these things because you put your money where your heart is. It was great. That ended in 2006 and I haven’t really plugged into many motivational/self-improvement sources since then. Ever since then I have been busy implementing all the things I learned. Well now – I feel as though I am at a crossroads and it is time to re-learn all the things that propelled me during that time before. Only this time – I hope to journal about the things that are affecting me so if someone is looking for a similar motivation – they can, at the very least, start with the places I am visiting.

Yesterday I visited Priscilla McPheeter’s Mary Kay website and plugged into her Podcast. I listened to a truly inspirational Podcast from one of her director’s, Eileen Huffman. I recommend that everyone listen to it. You will laugh. You will cry. It will remind you to find purpose in every single day, and that if you know there are things that you can do better – you will strive to do those things better. Also, great testimony about how God can work in your life. Awesome. Listen to this. Do it.

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