Finch Sock

On Thu, Aug 25 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Last week Jessica and the kids saw a goldfinch in the back yard hanging around some thistles. Turns out the furry little seeds in those types of flowers are the favorite kinds of seeds for Goldfinches.

Seeing those beautiful birds was inspiring so we bought our first bird feeder. A finch sock. We’re hoping to see a flurry of activity around it during the next few months, but that might be slightly optimistic given that I believe the birds are passing through during migratory transition. Time will tell though, and I’ll be watching out the window to see what happens.

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Bird Songs

On Wed, Mar 23 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Yellow-headed BlackbirdI asked for a Bird Song Training CD over the span of a few holidays last year and I got one for Father’s Day 2010. I have been listening to it off and on and there have been a few occasions when I hear a bird, that I have definitively been able to identify it. Cardinal. Chickadee. Morning Doves. But last night I recognized one from my training and although I couldn’t figure it out by name – I knew that I recognized it. Turns out – it was a Yellow-headed Blackbird.

The song that it sings which makes it so distinguishable is something that sounds like, “don’t you dare”. And the phrase sounds like it is being said through the voicing of a rusty door hinge 🙂

Based on its migratory pattern, it almost seems unlikely that it would have been in my neighborhood – but I don’t know of any other bird song that sounds like that – so I am sticking with that identification. I’ll be spending more time out in the garden, so I will try to visually identify it when I am outside and hear it again.

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