On Thu, Oct 29 2009, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I like coffee. I just like to drink it. Don’t need the fancy stuff – doesn’t need to be foamed or chilled or anything other than regular old medium roasted coffee. Some people really like the dark stuff, and then they pile on the sugar and creamer. I prefer lighter coffee with just a little creamer.

Last night we bought a new coffee maker. Pretty spiffy. It’s actually the most expensive coffee maker I have ever bought (by more than double) but it is a commercial grade, super fast one. We drink enough coffee, and with winter coming, it just seemed like a logical thing to do. Plus, my in-laws get at least 5 years out of theirs, which when you calculate out times the number of pots brewed, it is literally pennies per brew. We are hoping for the same level of success.

So I am excited at how quickly my coffee was ready this morning. I’m glad its hot, quick and delicious and I’m looking forward to Halloween and the rest of the Autumn season.

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