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They Don’t Pay Me Enough to Care!

On Tue, Mar 18 2014, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I was ordering my lunch at a fast food joint the other day when I heard one of the people behind the counter say,

They don’t pay me enough to care, honey

It was inspiring.

And by inspiring, I mean NOT inspiring.

Fast food joint workers – I cut them some slack. For me, it would take an amazingly rewarding job for me to be motivated while I worked for minimum wage. I totally get that. But I just wonder if she has it backwards.



I thought,

What if you cared more?

What if, instead of talking about how little they are paying you, you figured out a way to be self motivated and inspire them to promote you.

Reminds me of the adage, “Your raise will be effective when you are”.

It is interesting how caught up we can be in what we’re not getting. My good friend, Mike, taught me in our senior year of college during our senior software engineering project demo to under promise and over deliver. That principle has stuck with me ever since.

What if YOU cared without any guarantee of an increase in pay? What if YOU loved without any guarantee of being loved in return? How full would YOUR life be?


One Response to They Don’t Pay Me Enough to Care!

  1. Jim S says:

    Wow… I’ll say it this way, your children are in excellent hands !