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Get Bent!

On Fri, Mar 7 2014, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

A few months ago I heard a sermon that really struck me. It was about being “bent”. “Bent”, meaning, we have some tendencies or certain things about us that we have to work extra hard to overcome. This struck a chord with me because it verbalized a concept that I have thought for a while.

For instance – I am bent toward a certain pessimism. I don’t really love that part of myself but it is there. People who have met me in the last 6 months might say that is hard to believe. Why? Because I work REALLY hard to “bend the other way”. In other words – since it is sort of in my nature to be in a, “glass is half empty” frame of mind – I have to work hard, inundating my mind and spirit with positive energy and encouraging inner monologues to make sure that my attitude reflects my desire to be more optimistic.

In reality – my goal is to go from being “bent” to being “straight”. How do you get a board with a tendency to bend, to go straight? You might use a steambox, big vices, etc, but ultimately, you bend it far in the opposite direction (and possibly for a long time) to help it resolve to straightness.

So that is what I do. I bend my mind very hard in the positive direction with the intention that eventually – it will bring me to a straight and narrow “bend”.

How do YOU overcome your own “bends” to achieve your goals and reach alignment in your mind and spirit?


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