I am I am. I'm glad I am.

So there I was – wife and I had just graduated from FPU and my time to use the Gazelle Budget was quickly running out.

“BUT we had only just begun!!!??”

What’s a family to do? Well – we could convert over to MyTMMO (My Total Money Makeover) but the question lingered. Would our budget go with us in the shift from one side of the website to the other? I kinda figured it would. But I couldn’t find any surefire answers when I did a search on google. Maybe I searched for the wrong terms (I chose to search for things like “Convert FPU to MyTMMO” and stuff like that. Figured someone would have asked the question that way.

No one had.

So I took a risk. Tried it. Went in with both feet. And it worked!

This blog entry – if you found it through a Google Search – is to serve you – the wandering/wondering geek who is in charge of keeping the budget up to date with expenses who is wondering if you are going to be able to save your handiwork from those 9/13 weeks of FPU – you CAN and you WILL get to have those budgets when you spin up a new MyTMMO subscription!

It worked for me and I believe their team is dedicated to customer service and due diligence for the users – it will most likely always be that way. Continue unabashed! Be bold! Go for it!

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