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Slight Shift in Intention

On Thu, Aug 23 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

When you have been keeping up a blog or website for 11 years, there are moments where you feel loyal, and moments where you are burdened. Moments where you are inspired to write some kind of mission statement, or agenda and moments where the silence indicates where your mind is fixated (elsewhere). There are some moments where you feel especially witty or insightful and other moments where you are struggling for a creative thought or for the empowerment to produce something original.

This moment is none of those 🙂

I have many ideas for blog entries but today feels like a sort of new beginning (as opposed to those boring old, “old” beginnings) – today I am going to lay out an objective for the site, the blog and an objective for my own creativity. I believe taking on a “position” will help me be more consistent about delivering new content because it will stem from some kind of intention.

“So what is the goal?!” you might be asking yourself.

Eventually, I want to publish this blog and its content as a book. I want it to represent some kind of auto-biography of sorts. I have been editing old entries – not so much for their context or insight – but for grammatical and punctuation errors. It has been refreshing. Many posts are simply links to other sites – they lack creativity. But even if the article no longer exists – it is interesting to see how opinions have changed. I’m always fascinated looking at old newspapers – and this is cool because someday it will be like finding old newspapers in grandma’s garage and then also finding out exactly what she thought about those articles (I am the grandma in this scenario – FUN!)

Also – peripheral to this intention is the fact that I need to justify the cost of running a site. So the website has become inundated with ads. Well, maybe not inundated but there is a real necessity to justify the expenses associated with maintaining a site (hosting, domains, time spent, cost of cameras for media, software for processing, etc) and the only real way to do this is with advertising. You should know – though – that I don’t choose any old advertiser – I pick links to organizations I respect and in most cases, already do business with. So you won’t find anything on here that I don’t personally endorse. That should make it a little better. Also – its not like I do any kind of advertising of my blog so there is no one coming here on some Pay-Per-Click happenstance arrival. Everyone here is here because they want to be – and because I am making that network available.

So here we go, my friends. If you ever find yourself wondering why in the world I have posted something – it is because I have thought about it – and it seemed worthwhile to me to have it printed in a book at some point. I decided that it was worth putting out there for my kids to see. Ultimately – I see this as me paying it forward.


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  1. I’m excited. I look forward to reading more. 🙂