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Bowling Rant!

On Mon, Aug 27 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Yesterday, Jessica and I decided to take the little cherubs bowling for the first time. They did REALLY well considering how tough it is for kids to hurl a 16 lb ball down 60 feet of slick, oiled wood. Hehe (we didn’t actually make them throw the heavy ball, BTW) And check out the shoes I rented (click on the picture to the right to see close-up). Bright neon orange and green? For reals? Those were the BEST options for the bowling alley management to rent out?

Anyway – we had a good time. But I must say – in general – I was appalled to pay $15 for a medium cheese pizza. You know those baseball games you go to where it costs $4 for a hot dog and $6 for a beer. A $10 commitment for a lousy dent in your appetite. Same thing – except – this isn’t a baseball game – there is no “atmosphere”.

So the truly ridiculous part is after we ordered the pizza (and after we read the signs that said no outside drinks or food) we saw a Papa John’s delivery guy pull up. And he was delivering a hot, fresh, cheap pizza … TO THE EMPLOYEE WHO MADE OUR PIZZA.

It just isn’t right.

I’m uninspired, “Mr. Bowling-shoe-giver-outer”.

Bud Light: Real American Heroes: Mr.Bowling Shoe Giver Outer


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