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Money Garden

On Thu, Jun 14 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Yeah. If I think about it, and I really don’t like to, I realize that I have quite an investment in this garden. So far, I’ve had one edible tomato. Between the $100 topsoil, $50 in plants and seed, $50 in tomato cages and everything invested from last year – that tomato cost AT LEAST $200. Definitely the most expensive tomato I’ve ever had. It was delicious. But let’s just say I am looking forward to having a larger yield to offset my investment and move the cost per produce item into a more reasonable range.

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4 Responses to Money Garden

  1. mattsatorius says:

    I hear ya – I see the beginnings of a tomato in mine and excited…though not excited to see my water bill coming up. Working on building a rain barrel from scratch…

  2. Leroy says:

    Hey Matt! Here is a blog entry I made of our rain barrel: http://www.jessandleroy.com/wp/2011/02/gardening-3/

    Here are some instructions that I (loosely) followed to make the rain barrel:

    Here is a video that I posted that highlights, among other things, our rain barrel: http://youtu.be/CHKn_OHcbMA?t=2m37s

  3. mattsatorius says:

    Cool! I’m trying to get a dual barrel 110 gallon system put together, to after some initial tests had some leaks where I tapped the barrels, so trying to caulk that and see if it dries it up (and as I type this I hear one of my barrels taken by the wind going down the driveway…)

  4. Leroy Leese says:

    @Mattsatorius – Overachiever. 🙂 Hopefully you captured your barrels before they went into the neighbors yard. Funny stuff. 110 is probably a good idea. I find that the 55 runs out quickly and my garden suffers if I try to be stingy with the nectar from the clouds.