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Interesting People

On Mon, May 21 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Saw some interesting interviews lately and was really impressed with the people.

  1. Robin Meade – Impressed with her because she talked about overcoming some personal struggle, was honest about the things that got her into her area of specialty which she is clearly very good at. Also think it is funny that her mother was encouraging her to reel-in her hopes and dreams. So many of us do this – it is an act of trying to protect our children from a broken heart. But it doesn’t make sense because people learn even more from failure and if we want our children to succeed we have to let them fail. Her father was a preacher.
  2. Larry the Cable Guy – Actual name is Daniel Whitney. Saw an interview here. Love how candid he was in that interview. He is so appreciative of the success he has claimed and I love how real he is. Also talks about people in his life who mean well, but seem to lack the ability to show it. Just really fascinating. His father was ALSO a preacher.
  3. Carson Daly – A motivated interesting individual. Never felt the “call” to pastoral work but definitely has a strong sense of appreciation and gratitude toward the blessings in his life and all the good surrounding his career and family. Really interesting guy and has a lot of “goodness” to share – wish more people knew about how inspiring he is.
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