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On Mon, Mar 12 2012, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I have decided to consolidate some of my online identities. I have WAY too many and it is frankly, unmanageable.

I’ve decided to consolidate and merge as many accounts as possible. There are many benefits but the most exciting part is I want to combine all the blogs and social network accounts so that all my accounts can gain credibility by all being tied together. It is too much to have my identity be considered “beginner” in so many realms when I have been in these circles for a very long time. It’s like my efforts seem small because each one is separated. If I can get it so that activity is all merged into the same effort and forward propels the same ID, I have a chance of actually gaining some ground and getting some traction at delivering users to our websites and highlighting advertising.

I’m really pretty excited to see how this works out. I plan to post information and statistics about how many accounts I find that I have out there in the beginning and how many I consolidate down to.

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