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On Sun, Dec 4 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I spent about 3 years getting out of debt. During that time I listened to podcasts by Dave Ramsey on a regular basis in order to help keep me motivated. It worked. He provides many little nuggets of insight and self improvement that extend far beyond how to manage your money. How to hire motivated people. How to market your business. How to keep your marriage together. How to raise your children. It seems money touches on all these things because you put your money where your heart is. It was great. That ended in 2006 and I haven’t really plugged into many motivational/self-improvement sources since then. Ever since then I have been busy implementing all the things I learned. Well now – I feel as though I am at a crossroads and it is time to re-learn all the things that propelled me during that time before. Only this time – I hope to journal about the things that are affecting me so if someone is looking for a similar motivation – they can, at the very least, start with the places I am visiting.

Yesterday I visited Priscilla McPheeter’s Mary Kay website and plugged into her Podcast. I listened to a truly inspirational Podcast from one of her director’s, Eileen Huffman. I recommend that everyone listen to it. You will laugh. You will cry. It will remind you to find purpose in every single day, and that if you know there are things that you can do better – you will strive to do those things better. Also, great testimony about how God can work in your life. Awesome. Listen to this. Do it.

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