I am I am. I'm glad I am.


On Mon, Nov 28 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I feel apologetic about it – but that probably isn’t necessary. I have been blogging and adding content to the web since 2001 and had an email account since 1996. I haven’t advertised on many of my sites and especially never did so on one of my personal sites but unfortunately that has to change. I have extensive costs associated with running the sites and even though traffic is low – I will be more motivated to extend the content into the media realm with more fun stuff. If it proves completely useless and fruitless and more invasive that helpful – I’ll reconsider. But with two little kids growing up and the extra money needed for them rather than just hobbies, I think this move makes sense.

Also – this will be valuable in that I can experiment with the formula for creating content and generating revenue based on creativity and the options available on the web and hopefully better advise my clients on how this formula can be applied to their own websites.


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