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On Sat, Oct 8 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I love LogMeIn. If I were running an IT company that provided support for remote systems – I would engage this handy tool and pay what ever it costs (almost). It feels absolutely secure enough for handing most small business operations/maintenance. And the fact that it is cross platform compatible for Mac/Win is lovely too. Although we have Linux/Mac/Win on our network – we can logmein to one of the other boxes and then VNC to the linux box, all while being safely inside the network, and leaving no other ports open for those port scanners and hackers. It is really nice. When I need something from home – it is so much easier to just access it – rather than worry about copying it to a zip drive, and then remembering to take it home.

Lovely. Convenient. Free.

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