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The Law | Move Over Tennessee

On Wed, Aug 10 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

The Law | Move Over Tennessee.

I had no idea this was a new law.  I wonder how regular citizens can keep up with the latest and greatest in new legislation, when they are very plugged into the world news, but not local news?  In other words, how do people like myself who pay alot of attention to BBC, CNN and other news outlets, but don’t watch local news television and don’t listen to local talk radio and don’t read local newspapers, keep up?  I guess I need to take more interest in the things going on closer to home in order to find out about these changes.

Its an interesting conundrum because I feel quite plugged in, but when I find out about these kinds of things I realize that I am not plugged in to the news sources that might actually affect me.


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