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Cheetos Fingers

On Sat, Aug 20 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

At some level I love that my fingers are orange when I am half way through a single serving of Cheetos. Other times, like when I am with the kids or driving – not digging it as much.

Even the baked Cheetos leave some kind of persistent orange to your fingers. I would have thought that baking in the orange cheese would eliminate some of the residue – not true.


One Response to Cheetos Fingers

  1. bryan says:

    That is called FD&C Red 40 and Yellow 4. You should try the “Natural Cheetos”. They are puffs, but they are SOOOO good. And not colored, though they still leave cheesy residue like the originals. And without the yellow food coloring, it won’t make kids hyper. 😛