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Gardening #8

On Mon, Jul 11 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

small tomato
Well – the garden is going pretty good. I mean, I had a lot of plants fail. Almost all of them. But the tomatoes seem to be coming in and they look very strong. I spent some time weeding the unwanted foliage from the garden (grass, weeds, clover, etc) and it made everything at the base of the plants look more accessible and gave me a chance to put more potting soil at the base of the roots too. I went ahead and poured a few gallons of tomato plant food on all 7 of the tomato plants. Hopefully, with the weeds being gone, adding some fertile soil and giving them a good dose of miracle gro that is made for them, we’ll see some plants really take off.

To date, I have eaten 3 tomatoes and while they have been extremely tasty, they have taken so long to turn red and have been on the small side. There are at least 45 more tomatoes that are green on the vines and I am ready to eat one a day. So I’m looking forward to seeing them start coming in.

I also started moving my compost from the bin to a special section of the garden. I plan on building up the soil and making it a raised bed that is SUPER fertile for next year’s crop. Here’s hoping. Even if it doesn’t work out in spectacular fashion, we save so much garbage space by composting that it is still a good thing.


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