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Gardening #5

On Tue, Apr 5 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I got a chance to inspect the garden yesterday before the torrential downpour ensued. Things are starting to look good. I should probably have my rows elevated a little higher, because they are so accessible to the drainage and settling of water in the yard. Its hard to tell if it will end up being a good thing, because of the ready access to water, or if it will cause “root rot”. Time will tell. I don’t have a good supply of compost or fertile soil so I am kinda stuck with what we have at this point.

Exciting news! I got my onion sets in the mail yesterday. They should probably go into the ground this weekend. They look awesome. I got white, red and yellow onions. Haven’t read up on how/when to harvest them so that is something I will be getting smart on very soon. But they look and smell great. We Leese’s are big garlic and onion fans so if I can have even a decent yield on these – we’ll be very happy.

As part of my inspection of the garden yesterday I also discovered my radishes are starting to sprout. And the spinach has some very small leafy sprouts as well. The beets are still hiding, as well as the leeks. Garlic, which is wrapped around the perimeter of the garden to help keep bugs out, is doing handsomely. Really – I had no idea garlic could be so productive locally. I mean, we’ll see how it goes throughout a season but it looks like it will be just fine.

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