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Gardening #2

On Mon, Feb 7 2011, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese


Interesting day today.  First, our rain barrel is currently about 50% full of rain water.  Awesome – it is working great.  I opened the spigot on it and it had plenty of pressure – should be great for tapping watering cans full of delicious rain water.


Jessica and I just finished starting our indoor seed collection. We are sowing celery, chives, rosemary, tomatoes, bell peppers, and thyme. We have a grow light and hopefully in the next 6 – 10 weeks we will be transplanting all these yummy starter plants into our garden. It was surprising to me that we only needed to do 6 of our plants in starter containers. The other 10 or so varieties of veggies and herbs should do just fine going straight into the ground. Time will tell.

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