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About the baby

On Fri, Dec 11 2009, in Jessica, Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Someone asked me lately, “So are you as excited about the second one, as you were the first?”.

The answer: Just as much.

It is hard to explain – and I guess I was skeptical that it could be true – but there is nothing redundant about having another child. Jess’s pregnancy is different, the feelings and fears that go with it are different (not less, just different) but the anticipation, excitement and wonderment are all just as high. This is a brand new life. And we have a whole lifetime to spend affected by this new person. What could be dull about that?


One Response to About the baby

  1. Bryan says:

    Good on ya, mate. They are all so unique. Also, it is amazing how much of their personality is inherited from other family members (whom they may have not even met yet.) It’s fun to watch their little personalities emerge.