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Typical Dad, right?

On Fri, Nov 6 2009, in Emma Kate, Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I can’t get enough of cool pics of my daughter. Probably not something new – but she is doing so many interesting things. For those that don’t have kids,

  • The day your daughter says her first unprompted sentence, its amazing. When the words include your name – breathtaking
  • The first time the kiddo breaks out into her “A-B-C’s” when you say, “Can you sing your ‘A-B-C’s?” – it blows your mind.
  • WHY?

Because you have spent more than a year talking to this thing that does little more than eat, sleep and poop. To finally get this level of interaction – its like the family dog suddenly looking at you and saying, “That shirt makes you look fat.” It catches you off guard, and it is something that you didn’t think would ever happen.

I mean, come on, you’ve had that shirt forever.


One Response to Typical Dad, right?

  1. Bryan says:

    the mindboggling will continue, methinks, until they are grown. At one point, your co-workers will tell you to “just shut up, already…she’s 30.”

    Yeah, I am blown away by my 3-year old now…who can distinguish between all 4 types of flamingos at the zoo.