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On Thu, Jun 25 2009, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Recently, some weird things. I am sitting in my new office, and I can clearly hear an office down the hall and a woman confiding in her peer that she is getting a divorce and I can hear her detailing how they are splitting assets and everything. It is just difficult to hear this stuff – I’d like to give her a hug, and at the same time, I wish I could send them to counseling. The level of frankness and matter-of-factness with which she is explaining it is amazing.

The other weird thing is that I have heard 2 or 3 times in the last few days about dead-beat kids taking money from their parents. Totally weird to me – people who think that either they “deserve” to be heir to their relatives’ hard earned work and assets or that it is owed to them or that there is no problem stealing from kin. Seems so weird to me – there is no entitlement with the way my family lives – there is no reason to expect that we should get something for free. Crazy.

So anyway – I am in a new place and it seems like I am hearing more of this kind of crap – I don’t know if it is related to being in a new place – but I hope I can dodge this kind of diseased thinking. I’ll just keep my headphones in and let the turbulance continue around me.


2 Responses to Listening

  1. Bryan says:

    So, I take it you are in your new digs in MD?

  2. Jim S says:

    Remind me to tell you about the “I.T. Intern” I had to manage! Needed to be patted on the back everyday!