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Amazing Love Story

On Sun, Feb 15 2009, in Jessica, by Jessica

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve cried over a movie/tv show/commercial etc. (I used to get made fun of for how I’d cry at the drop of a hat!), but I saw the sweetest true love story today that I thought I would share.

Sixteen year olds Bart and Brenda fell in love in the late 70s were secretly engaged and then a month later found out she was pregnant. They were separated and forced by their parents and priest to give up their baby for adoption. They were not allowed to even touch the baby. Their strained relationship ended shortly afterward and they went their separate ways. Both married and had two children with other spouses. After both their marriages ended in divorce, they found each other again and looked for their biological son together. Through a chance meeting, they found him and reunited with him after 26 years, finally getting to hold the son they had been forced to give up. They got married and their son walked her down the aisle. Then they had a daughter together named Madison and they lived happily ever after.

It sounds like a movie or novel or something, but it really happened! I tried to give the Reader’s Digest version, but wow. I bawled like a little girl!


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