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Waiting for the world to change…

On Sun, Jul 13 2008, in Jessica, by Jessica

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve written. I honestly just never think of it and when I do, I realize Leroy/Phil does a good job of keeping everyone posted. But here we are almost 39 weeks and still no Baby Leese! We are so ready for her to be here that we just can’t stand it. Everything is ready: the nursery, the car seats, the clothes, the diaper bag…we’re just waiting on her to decide that it’s time. I have truly enjoyed my pregnancy up until the last month or so just because I’m getting so big that it’s very uncomfortable, but all negatives aside pregnancy truly is one of God’s most astounding miracles. Everyone has been so wonderful and supportive over the last 9 months and I just couldn’t have been more blessed with such a great experience. I am realizing that we have no clue how much our world is about to change…a lot of people talk about the down side of that change, but we enjoyed thinking today about the great changes she will bring and what she will be like. Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement throughout our pregnancy! We’ll keep you posted!!!


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  1. seriously, I thought Leroy/Phil was just talking about himself in the third person and it wasn’t until talk of being pregnant was in the first person did I realize that Jess was actually doing the writing. Where is my brain?

    We’re all excited to see your little bundle of joy!!

  2. Bryan says:

    Just remember it isn’t forever…the sleep you lose. It is all quite maintainable…just remember it is a team effort.

    There are some things that change:
    1) There is no quick run to the store if you take the little one…even getting gas takes twice as long if you have to go in.
    2) Strategically place diapers everywhere you will need them. And you will need them…lots of them. Buy in bulk. You have no idea.
    3) Sleep is hard…go to sleep early because you will be interrupted. Plan on trying to get 10 hours of sleep and you may get 7 out of it. Maybe.
    4) We heat the milk in a coffee mug on about 22 seconds then pour it into the bottle. Don’t heat in the bottle in the microwave. Ever.

    These are just lessons learned. The rest is subjective and OJT.
    Best of luck! I’m so excited for you!