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I am Stoked!

On Thu, Jun 26 2008, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

This will be the first weekend in a LONG time that I will get to work on racing stuff. The primary goal for the weekend is to clean out the garage, determine which things are trash, which parts need sold and which parts I need to protect for storage (like engine blocks).

Also part of the weekend’s agenda is to determine how my goals for racing the car, money and my goals for building a product that is tied to racing, all converge. Lots of goals, limited money means we need to take baby-steps toward getting things done. At the same time, I want to build momentum, so I will be figuring out how to snow-ball the whole thing.


3 Responses to I am Stoked!

  1. Bryan says:

    How appropriate…baby-steps. I am sure it was intentional.

  2. I thought the same thing

  3. Leroy says:

    It IS funny, isn’t it!?

    I had a great time cleaning the garage – I have so much room to work and get around. Looking forward to spending some time there in the future…some day 🙂