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On Thu, May 15 2008, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

well, not too much. i got a new job. its pretty fun, and it is with bsecure.com.

i can’t wait for lil’ leese to get here – just 9.7 more weeks 🙂

i have discovered a new PASSION for chex mix.

i get to drive about 1000 miles today and tomorrow to see my sister graduate from college. the drive isn’t usually too fun, but spending time w/ family and friends will be great.

i have realized that don’t love being a geek as much as some of my peers.

it seems like we have gotten more bad service at restaurants than good service recently. so that is a bummer. we watched a lady at a retail chain unlock the door so people could come in, and push the door open only to let it slam shut in the face of an elderly woman. it was just plain stupid. but i think the meany person is just dumb, not ill-intentioned. that is how i justify alot of people’s actions these days. stupid, not mean.


2 Responses to what is new

  1. Bryan says:

    So, you got sick of working unsupervised, eh? Or did you just miss the commute? Working with any of the old gang?

    I don’t like being a geek, either. I find I just don’t crave dealing with computers when I get home from dealing with them all day. I think that is the difference…if you have interests OUTSIDE of technology.

    Chex mix is good. Cheerio chex mix is pretty good, too.

    As far as the little one…get plenty of sleep now. Seriously.

    Be safe on your drive to Frederick!


  2. Leroy says:

    Thanks for the well wishes and encouragement.

    Actually, all my leads dried up and only once I started working again did business pick back up. Too bad they couldn’t help me out before the going got tough 🙂

    Only spent $500 on gas to make the trip 😀