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On Mon, Nov 19 2007, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

i just saw ocean’s 13 and really enjoyed it. what a neat spin on things, instead of stealing a treasure, they stole someone’s passion. neat concept and a very cool way of building a sequel to a sequel of a movie. didn’t like 12 as much, and of course 11 was awesome. i’m not sure how i’d feel about the original 11 because i was able to get invested in, and relate to, the present day actors/characters.


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  1. Bryan says:

    I haven’t seen 12, as I kept falling asleep. I also haven’t seen 13. As for the old 11, it was good. I saw it right before I rented the new one. I suffer from the same problem…harder to relate to older movies when there is a new one with all these neat-o special FX. Also hard to watch Frank Sinatra act.