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Sleepless nights…

On Sun, Aug 19 2007, in Jessica, by Jessica

As cute as puppies can be, they can sure be a pain! We are still learning how to be good puppy parents and what things to do and not to do. Wally made his first trip to the vet yesterday because we thought he had hookworms. It turns out that he just has tapeworms which is much less serious, which is good. Then, last night we made the mistake of leaving him in the kennel while we went out for a couple of hours and then trying to put him to bed an hour later. He was not ready to go to bed. He whined inside, he whined when we put him on the back porch, he whined when we brought him back inside…we finally just shut the door and ignored him. Our friends have given us some tips on how to handle it, but boy was it frustrating. That was the worst day we’ve had with him so far. Leroy is just ready to skip the puppy phase and have an obedient dog! ( I think I agree.)


3 Responses to Sleepless nights…

  1. Monte says:

    Wally is adoreable. I cant figure out who he looks like though, but I think I’m going to go with Leroy

  2. Kelly (Emery) Newhard says:

    Jess & Leroy-

    Congrats on the new addition. I have a a miniature schnoodle puppy (schnauzer/poodle) named Sadie and she looks EXACTLY like Wally. They could be twins!

    Enjoy and good luck with training him!
    Kelly & Doug

  3. Jeff's name withheld for safety concerns says:

    Sleepless nights? Closed the door and just ignored him? Worst day so far?

    You guys are just dying for some jerk with kids to come in here and tell you the rude awakening you’re in for when you have a baby, if you think this is tough. Fortunately for you, I am above all that.

    How did Leroy get roped into this exactly? We got puppy pictures on the website…..puppy updates. You guys are apparently becoming “those” kind of people.

    I might have let a little German Sheppard puppy or a Lab or Retriever or something like that slide. But this? This horrid little thing?

    Did any of these “tips” on how to handle it include anything about the “free to good home” section of the newspaper?