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On Sun, Apr 22 2007, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

delicious. we bought a solid steel bowl, whole popcorn kernels and popped our own popcorn tonight. it was awesome. we used pickling salt (its just kosher salt that is finely ground) and we used some canola oil …now there is one caveat here. my arms got tired from waving and moving the bowl over the heat. AND the steam coming out of the bowl made the pot holders get very hot. but it was so awesome and fresh and even though there wasn’t any butter on it, it was very tasty. i highly recommend fresh popcorn to anyone considering it.


2 Responses to popcorn

  1. Bryan says:

    There was a flight attendant on our flight yesterday named “Popcorn.” I wonder if her parents were hippies or just mean. I mean, she could go by “Poppy” or something if it bothered her. Obviously, it didn’t.

    And yes, I had to ask her if that was her real name. It was.

    I’m sure she got teased a bit as a teen, ya think?

  2. Katie says:

    I like to use olive oil when making fresh popcorn! Sometimes when I get really crazy I add garlic salt! Ooooh I am such a rebel!

    By the way—I need your address for my records! Where do you live, man?
    I graduate in two weeks! Can you imagine?

    Peace out,