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Super Glue

On Tue, Mar 6 2007, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

Super glue is powerful stuff. No doubt about it.

As some of you know, my wife and I send rubber ducks through a website called sendaduck.com. We really enjoy it and have enjoyed the process of growing the business. Yesterday I was at the post office, super gluing stamps to ducks to be shipped. All was going well, until I forgot to replace the lid on the glue bottle. As I was turning around the corner, OH MY GOSH, the super glue bottle fell and emptied on the floor of my truck. I quickly stopped the truck and tried to get as much of it up and out with scrap pieces of paper, but some fell down between the door and frame. I didn’t see it.

15 minutes later I am tooling down the road, park at the store i want to go in and …what, wait…the dang door is super glued shut. What the …?! Yeah, it was a mess. The door didn’t stay stuck, it was just difficult to get open and continued to stick until I got home and washed it off.

What a mess?!

EDIT: This story is especially funny and especially ironic because it is immediately preceded by a story about how stupid some people are. Ha! Maybe I shouldn’t be throwing stones, if my own house is made of glass.

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2 Responses to Super Glue

  1. Bryan says:

    Don’t forget, super glue also has such useful applications as holding that crazy construction worker’s hardhat to a board! Imagine the possibilities! Okay, so there are none. Not really.

    Of course, it doesn’t say what holds his hardhat to his head, which I believe is more of a feat.

    And I think that was Crazy Glue. After all, that’s just plain crazy.

    Oh, and they have self-adhesive stamps now. Just sayin’.

  2. Rich says:

    In the picture isn’t he holding the hat on with his hands?

    Speaking of ducks, I saw a green one at walmart the other day and almost mailed it to you.