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On Mon, Feb 5 2007, in Jessica, Leroy, by Leroy Leese

FlowerDelivery.comThis weekend Jessica and I went to a cabaret at the school she is student teaching at. It was a really great series of performances. But the thing that weirded me out for the whole night was hearing these kids say, “Ms Leese!”. My whole life, “Ms. Leese” was my mom. Now, its my wife. It brought a smile to my face every time I heard it – I wonder when I’ll get used to it.

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3 Responses to Weird

  1. Jess says:

    Probably the same time I get used to it. =)

  2. Rich says:

    Yeah, but now you’re Mr. Leese. 🙂

    And I find it funny how some schools insist on calling married women Ms. something instead of Mrs. I don’t know what Jess prefers but I find it funny when people are told that parents get offended if you go by Mrs. instead of Ms.

  3. Katie says:

    that’s what happens when you get married