I am I am. I'm glad I am.


On Mon, Dec 18 2006, in Leroy, by Leroy Leese

I must be getting older. No, not because of how much I don’t like hair growth patterns on my body, and no, not because I “get” Paul McCartney better now, when I used to “get” John. I was standing in line at the bank and realized that I was waiting for a while and thought – no wonder when I was a kid I used to hate going to the bank – the wait was tortuous. Now-a-days its not nearly so bad.

Another example? Okay, I have wanted a newer computer for about 1-year now…and was pretty close to buying one last week. But I know that Windows Vista will be coming out soon, and I’m more than happy to wait. So we’re talking about another 2 or 3 months. No biggie. There are also some ’69 Firebird parts I want to buy, but by the time they ship – I won’t be home. So what am I doing? No, not getting them shipped to my mom’s house (where I’ll be) but I am actually just waiting.

I guess I am getting older.

The good news is that I still like some of today’s recent hits. Gotta admit Justin Timberlake has some interesting songs, along with Gwen Stefani. Wind it up.


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