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Christmas at the Leeses

On Sun, Dec 17 2006, in Jessica, by Jessica

Now that the semester is over, and Leroy and I actually get to live in the same place for more than a week at a time, we are excited to enjoy our first married Christmas. We bought our first Christmas tree, a 6ft. Frasier Fir, and decorated it with the few ornaments we already had. We decorated the front porch with lights and ribbon and put a wreath on the door. We decided to go simple this year and hit up all the after Christmas decoration sales. We are realizing more and more that everything you have in your first years of marriage is not going to be what you remember your parents having. Our tree was always loaded with ornaments at home, so to me our tree looks sort of bare. But realizing that it takes years to accumulate so many ornaments was reassuring. I just feel so blessed to have a house and all the blessings of this first Christmas.

Out of Focus Tree House (reflected off Car Hood)


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